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A Three-Step Guide to Tipping on Vacation

A Three-Step Guide to Tipping on Vacation It’s a question that confounds even the most seasoned travelers: Just how much are you supposed to tip the staff during your hotel stay? And, what about tour [...]

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You should tip no less than 20 percent

Serving tables is a profession. Servers are professionals. They deserve fair pay.

It is not easy being a server.  Some have it in them, some don’t.

As a server:

  • must know every item in the menu:  ingredients, preparation, presentation

  • Computer skills needed to translate: what the customer wants to the kitchen without making any mistake. Even the most complicated orders.

  • Each restaurant does their own training. Some restaurants train for days, some for weeks.

  • Know the current health codes , allergies to ensure guest safety. Some allergies can be deadly.

  • Licence to serve alcoholic beverages .  Serving a minor or intoxicated person can land you in jail.

  • Sweep, mop, wipe, polish, roll silverware,…  there are plenty of things to do in a restaurant. 

  • Interact with people and give customers a great experience. 

  • And many more……..

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